2016 OLRCB State Show

This year's State show and convention will be held May 28 - 29 in Roseburg, Oregon at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Complex & Speedway.

Entry Fees:

Mail: $4.00

All 3 shows (A,B, & C OR A, B, & Y) Mail: $10

Email: $4.50

All 3 shows (A,B, & C OR A, B, & Y) Email: $12

Fur: $2.00

Late: $6.00

Day of: $8.00

Entries must be postmarked by May 20, or emailed by May 23 in order to not be assesed at the late fee rate. All prices are per animal.

Due to all-around higher costs to host a show including airfare, judges' expenses, and venue costs, we have to ask for our exhibitors to sanction breeds. The Oregon League is a smaller State Club and unfortunately cannot always absorb sanction expenses. Thank you to those who sanction their breeds so their fellow exhibitors who compete in specialty club sweepstakes can get points.

To sanction your favorite breed, please contact the individual in charge of sanctions for the national specialty club of the breed or breeds you would like sanctioned and provide them with the following sanction number of the show or shows that apply:

  • Open Show A May 28: LOA2545
  • Open Show B May 28: LOA2546
  • Open Show May 29: LOA2547
  • Youth Show May 29: LYA2548

For more information or when you sanction your breed please contact: Shelly Taranoff

Please use the above information to sanction your breed with your Specialty Club. After you have sent for the sanctions, please let Shelly Taranoff or Eryn Blehm know.

Thank you for sanctioning your breed.

Breeds Currently Sanctioned


Tammie Serafin

Satin & Mini Satin

Bob Birman


Melinda Anderson

Rex & Mini Rex

Judy Atchison



Jeff & Terisa Silbernagel

Champagne D'Argents

Katie Frice

Silver Fox

Heather Keller

Lops - English & French

Nicole Pine


Patty Beamer

Events & Activities

  • May 27 3pm-finish

    Show Setup and Animal Drop Off

    Note: There is no show this evening.

  • May 28 9:45am-finish

    Royalty Contest

    The OLRCB Royalty Contest will start at 10am, with contestants needing to report at 9:45am.

    Click here for applications and more information.
  • May 28 8am-finish

    OLRCB Show A

    Open Rabbit & Open Cavy Show

  • May 28

    OLRCB Show B

    Open Rabbit & Open Cavy Show

  • May 28 6:30pm-finish
  • May 29 8:30am-finish

    OLRCB Show C

    Open Rabbit & Open Cavy Show

  • May 29 8:30am-finish

    OLRCB Youth Show

    Youth Rabbit & Youth Cavy Show