2014 OLRCB State Show

This years State show and convention will be held May 31 - June 1 in Roseburg, Oregon at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Complex & Speedway.

To sanction your favorite breed, please contact the individual in charge of sanctions for the national specialty club of the breed or breeds you would like sanctioned and provide them with the following sanction number of the show or shows that apply:

  • Open Show A May 31: JOA2387
  • Open Show B May 31: JOA2388
  • Open Show June 1: JOA2389
  • Youth Show June 1: JYA2390

For more information or when you sanction your breed please contact:

Judy Atchinson



Please use the above information to sanction your breed with your Specialty Club. After you have sent for the sanctions, please let Judy Atchinson or Eryn Wutzke know.

Thank you for sanctioning your breed.

Breeds Currently Sanctioned


Don & Judy Atchinson

All Three Open Shows


The Northwest Polish Club

All Three Open Shows and the Youth Show


Tammy Vaughn

All Three Open Shows and the Youth Show


Terri Geroux

All Three Open Shows and the Youth Show

Mini Rex

Liz McCarthy: Two Open Shows

Kathy Tellechea: One Open Show


Karin Heustad

All Three Open Shows

English Lops/French Lops

Molly Pease: Open Show A & Show B

Robin Gamroth: Open Show C


Jeff & Terisa Silbernagel

All Three Open Shows

Holland Lops

Linda Jennings: Open Show A & Show B

Satins/Mini Satins

Larry & Sharron Webb: Open Show A & Show B

Bob Birman: Open Show C

Flemish Giants

Linda Wagner

All Three Open Shows

American Fuzzy Lop

All Three Open Shows


Open Show A and Open Show B

Patty Beamer

Mini Lop

All Three Open Shows


All Three Open Shows

Dera Moorhead


All Three Open Shows

The Really Red Rabbit Club

Netherland Dwarfs

All Three Open Shows

Susan Wright

American Chinchilla

All Three Open Shows

Charlotte Ernst

Events & Activities